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Regionals 2000 Photos

    Hey! Thanks for coming to look at my regionals pics. Thanks again for making regionals so awesome! OV kicks so much ass and I love you all! To those of you who get it: Whaaaaaaaaaaasssssssuuuuuuuuppppppppp? I wanna see you all again soon, and once I get my license, maybe I can persuade my dad to let me borrow the car... or my moms pimp mobile... That van rocks like crazy, not that I would use it for anything inappropriate, I'm just saying it rocks a lot.

Here are the pics, with a few words beneath them, hope ya enjoy, and you can send your to me at and I'll post them for ya. Peace, Isaac.

Yo, its me! Then Sarah Gale (what's your email?), Piaget, and Seth.

How much sleep did ya really get last night? Ashley, that smile is so crazy its awesome, Lisa, you're cool, Mel, as Im sure youve learned by now, dont do thing peopel will embarass you with on MiTY grams.

AJ, youre so damn crazy! I think this is my only pic of you also! Well, its a good one to have. Stay cool.

Jake, you're crazy, need I say more?

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