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Warning: The following material is graphic. However, it is the truth. It has not been edited in any way at all. It comes directly from the mouth of Fidajete Jashari, a 23 year old man caught in the middle of the fighting in Kosovo. Below that is a copy of the "Never Again" contract that was signed by Jews for all the victims of the Holocaust. You need not be Jewish to follow the contract. It represent peace and equality which can be if we all try. If you do not support action in Kosovo and would be willing to live up to part of the contract, we have put a guestbook at the bottom of the page. PLEASE SIGN THIS IN PROTEST! Without the opposition, the military action will NOT stop! Please participate in this peaceful protest. Thank you very much.

"A life taken is a world denied the privilege to live."

Fidajete Jashari, Age 23

On Thursday (March 5, 1998) all 17 of us, remained under siege the whole day because of their hailing bullets. We were very frightened. We had nothing to drink and nothing to eat. Even the children didn't have anything to eat. We went into the next room to fetch some water just enough to wet the children's throats. We remained frightened like that the whole night through.

The shelling and bombing continued throughout the night. Later they broke the windows to the room where we were. The whole night they burned down other houses. The smell of the smoke would enter the room where we were.

We could see the big flames from the bathroom window. The whole village was without electricity before starting the attacks against us. The children would cry at night but we would try to stifle their sounds because we were afraid that they would hear us. We tried to calm them with water and sugar. To tell you the truth fear had penetrated the children's bones. We didn't have to calm them that much. They were terrified. They would keep silent out of fear. At first we just told them that if they heard us they would enter the house. Because of the violent shelling, the children never forgot our message.

The shelling was very violent, they were from tanks. Grandmother couldn't stand it anymore and was crying with all her strength. We would approach her and try to console her. She would stop for a short while.

Around 10 in the morning they shelled our house. They completely destroyed the second floor. The wall of the room where we were also fell down. The children started screaming and crying. We were terrified.

When they heard the children's screams they ordered us out of the house. The wall began to crumble. There was smoke and fire everywhere. Bullets were flying from all sides. Grenades as well. The fiercest grenades were thrown in the corridor of our home.

We all went outside barefoot and undressed. As we were in the house, without anything else. They took us to some mountain above our house. At this moment we knew we were dead.

The black ones were carrying automatic weapons. Our 25 year old brother was in our midst. They took him first of all. The black ones separated our brother from us, searched him, threw him on the ground, tied his hands behind his back while ordering the rest of us to move forward. I returned to touch my brother once again. They threw me back towards the others and allowed our brother to come with us. On our way to the Ammunition Factory we met everywhere with the militia and army. We stayed 7 hours at the Factory. They provoked us a lot. They would ask us some questions, but we didn't understand Serbian at all. What I call provocation is when they would direct their guns towards us. They would play with the knives that they wore on the sides of their legs and they would direct them towards us.

The most difficult moment was when they drove a truck too close to us. We thought they were going to run us over. After seven hours they freed only the women. They told us to go to Skenderaj. We left, frightened of our own shadow. We were well received in Skenderaj. After five days we arrived here in Mitrovice. (CRYING) We weren't at all happy to escape. Our wish was to remain there.... we haven't had anyone killed from our close family but our cousins yes, most of them have been massacred. We are of the same blood. Our hamlet is that of the Jasharaj family.

Our brother remained at the police station. They threw a blanket on his head. We watched him like that from afar. When night fell, we couldn't see what was happening anymore. As he told us after he was freed, they had tortured him. For a long time he had been unconscious. After being sent to the police station in Skenderaj, as he told us later, his hands were tied during his torture in the police station in Skenderaj and in the police station in Mitrovice. He told us that he and another of our cousins had been dragged by their hair on the staircase. They threatened that they would chop their heads off, as they had done to others before.


We received the "Never Again" contract from an email. Please read it. Peace = Equality = Friendship. This is an exact copy of the email.

- NEVER AGAIN would the Jewish people stand idly by while a group endured persecution; and,

- NEVER AGAIN would the Jewish people turn a blind eye or deaf ear to instances of hatred, persecution, or genocide; and,

- NEVER AGAIN would the Jewish people allow the world to remain silent while hatred and violence were being levied against a group of people.

Due to the events surrounding the most recent occurrences of genocide in Kosovo and Rwanda, I must regretfully inform you of a breach of contract. You are obligated under the contract signed in 1945, a moral contract of utmost importance, to speak out and take action to prevent all acts of hatred and genocide. This is your charge. This is your obligation. Do not wait for further notice. ACT NOW.


Please sign our guestbook. All that we ask of you is a simple commitment. Feel free to take any of the above and email them to friends and relatives. All that is needed in the guestbook is your name and email address. Thank you very much for your time.

Our Guestbook

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