dEgyptair 990
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Sunday, October 31, 1999

217 people died Sunday, October 31st while onboard EgyptAir 990 bound for Cairo. As of Tuesday, November 16, all flight data data recorders and black boxes have been recovered. Fortunately, this time, the black boxes did provide information that drastically changed any ideas first implied by the NTSB or FBI. Originally it was believed that a thrust reverser may have deployed sending the plane into a deadly downward spiral. The data recorder recovered assured us of the fact that the plane did not break apart while heading rapidly downward, showing that the aircraft did not break the sound barrier while heading down.

Cockpit voice recorders recovered play friendly conversation between the two pilots, then alarms going off and someone attempting to correct the problem. Recordings also indicate that a pilot may have left the cockpit temporarily when the alarms began going off. The final thing that we hear on the recorders is what sounds like a prayer, indicating, sadly, that the 217 people onboard knew their fate. May your thoguhts and prayers be with the families of the crash victims.

Flightime will bring you more information on this crash as we recieve it. You may also email for more information. We will respond to you as soon as possible.

Thank you.