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Welcome to Flightime's Airbus aircraft galleries! To go to a specific aircraft's page, simply click on its link below. Following the links is a short summary of the Airbus company.

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Airbus is the only European commercial aircraft company. Since the merge of Boeing and McDonnell Douglas, Airbus has increased the competition with Boeing, now its only serious competitor. Airbus aircraft range in size from short-haul (A319 and A320) to long-haul (A340). In recent years, Airbus has seen more airlines turning to them for aircraft, however Boeing still remains strong.

An anonymous source received word that El-Al, Israel's national airline, was thinking about switching to Airbus aircraft. Once this rumor spread to America, and it was learned Airbus was sending a representive to meet with El-Al, Madalyn Alrbright's office supposedly called up Israeli government officials and threatened to cancel American aid Israel was receiving at the time. Needless to say, El-Al still remains without Airbus aircraft.