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The following is a recent article from the Straits Times. We must give full credit to Straits Times Interactive, and we thank them for allowing the use of this article. Following the article is the original report from this webpage in its entirety and updated.

PARIS -- Airbus Industrie has won commitments from another four airlines to buy the proposed A3XX super jumbo, bringing to six the number of carriers ready to buy what would be the world's largest passenger plane. 

"Progress has been fast," said Airbus chief executive Noel Forgeard at a press briefing on Tuesday. 

"In less than four months, we have obtained letters of intent from Emirates, Singapore Airlines, and from four customers that will remain undisclosed for a while. On top of that, at least two more are in the pipeline." 

Analysts say the European plane-maker needs orders for 50 to 60 aircraft from four or five big airlines to start construction of the plane. 

Emirates Airlines and Singapore Airlines (SIA) have said they will buy as many as 26 of the 550-seat aircraft, which will break Boeing's monopoly on planes seating more than 400 with the 747. 

While Mr Forgeard declined to name the additional airlines, Mr John Leahy, Airbus's top sales executive, has said Cathay Pacific Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Air France, and freight carriers FedEx and Atlas Air are among the other companies interested in the plane. 

Airbus last week postponed a May 26 board meeting at which its four partner companies were to decide whether to authorise formal sales of the A3XX. 

The partners said they needed more time to assess whether the US$12 billion (S$20.8 billion) development project was viable. -- Bloomberg News 

Source:Straits Times Interactive

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---Original Report---

First, we must say, thank you very much for informing us on your interests in the Airbus A3xx. As what information there is out there is limited, we are bringing you summaries of articles, new briefs, etc., when they are released. We apologize for the lack of information in some parts of this page, but we are trying our best.

The following information was gathered off of Airbus Industrie's web page:

There are currently 11 airlines reported to be helping Airbus with floor plans and/or development for the new Airbus A3xx. They are consisted of: United Airlines, Japan Air Lines, Fed Ex, Virgin Atlantic Airways, Singapore Airlines, Air Canada, British Air, Cathay Pacific Airways, Air France, All Nippon Airlines, and Lufthansa. All of the aforementioned airlines are considering the acquisition of at least 1 Airbus A3xx in the year 2005, the expected release date of the new aircraft.

Airbus Industrie is currently planning 2 models of this aircraft - the -100 and -200 series. In the -100 series, the aircraft is expected to hold 550 passengers in a 3 class seating configuration. The expected travel distance of the -100 series aircraft is 7,650 - 8,750 nautical miles. The -200 series aircraft is expected to be able to travel the same distance, only this model will have the potential of holding 650 passengers in a stretched version of the -100. Both of these models are capable of containing "... All predictable cabin arrangements on three levels..." (The 3 levels would be the upper deck, middle deck, and lower deck, normally where baggage would be stored. This aircraft, like few others to date has the potential of having extra storage area in the luggage areas converted to passenger accessible areas.

This aircraft will be the first ever commercial aircraft with 4 aisles. 2 aisles will be on both levels of the aircraft (Upper and middle levels. The luggage area is not going to be suited with aisles unless specifically asked for by the receiving airline or leasing company.). Double staircases will also be strategically placed for easy passenger flow throughout the entire aircraft.

And finally, the power plants on the aircraft will be either from Engine Alliance (General Electric and Pratt and Whitney) or from Rolls Royce. The contract signed with Engine Alliance states that the engines will have approximately 67,700 lbs. of thrust, whereas the contract signed with Rolls Royce states that Trent 900 engines with up to 80,000 lbs. of thrust are to be designated for the aircraft.

To download an Airbus briefing from September of 1998, click here, or go to Airbus Industrie's website for the A3xx. This page contains pictures and a more detailed report on the Airbus A3xx.

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